The name "Nurturing Hands" goes far beyond simple massage techniques at our Pittsford wellness practice.

It’s the warm, careful, and practiced use of the therapist’s hands that delivers the maximum personal benefits of massage for every client. We invite you to explore our services and hope that you will find your ideal therapeutic match in Evelyn’s intuitive approach. 

Intuitive Massage 

Your choice of Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, hot stone massage techniques is just the beginning. The specifics of your massage are guided by a conversation about your body and state of mind on this particular day. Since Evelyn’s hands are naturally drawn to problem areas, she may be able to identify sources of pain that you’re not even aware of. Her hands will respond to the messages sent by your muscles and tissues as she works to give you the massage experience you’re seeking.  

Energy & Atmosphere

Evelyn’s goal is to find the right type of massage for each client and to deliver a profoundly relaxing experience. Hers is a personalized service that finds a balance between her own energy as a practitioner, the energy of the atmosphere, and the unique individual energy of each client. Music and a variety of essential oils can be incorporated into any massage to enhance the therapeutic experience. At Nurturing Hands, personalization is key to having a restorative experience in every session. 

Relaxed…serene…tranquil…these are just a few words to describe how I feel when being massaged by Evelyn. The big plus is those warm hands!
— Robert | Pittsford, NY