A. Magee

"Evelyn’s massage therapy is thorough. I get a massage once a month – money well spent. She attacks knots around the shoulders – very effective. She is professional and even passionate, and is helping to keep my aging body functioning."

Andy c.

"I get massages from Evelyn on a regular basis. My goals are to relieve stress and enable athletic and fitness activities. Evelyn does a great job keeping me loose and flexible, and helps my muscles recover from physical activity. She applies just the right amount of pressure and knows how to address knots and tight spots without overdoing it. I would strongly recommend Evelyn."

"I met Evelyn at a health/wellness event years ago and have been seeing her ever since to help relieve stress, tension, combat migraines, and for comfort throughout pregnancy. She provides a personalized massage in a comfortable environment and offers flexible appointment times which are perfect for my busy schedule."

Michele - Penfield

"I have been enjoying Evelyn’s wonderful massages for the past 15 years. She is a very pleasant person with a very special touch, and she’s always on time. I feel the massages really help keep my circulation going. For me, I find my time with Evy is a very pleasant experience."

Ann - Pittsford

"Relaxed…serene…tranquil…these are just a few words to describe how I feel when being massaged by Evelyn. The big plus is those warm hands!"

Robert - Pittsford

"I have been a client of Evelyn for years. She came highly recommended by a mutual friend. The massages take place in a comfortable setting, and I leave our sessions feeling relaxed and invigorated. My neck and back occasionally give me problems and Evelyn has helped immensely. In addition, Evelyn goes out of her way to accommodate my sometimes erratic schedule. I find Evelyn interesting and, much like a trip to the barber, the appointments are great therapy!"

H.R. - Pittsford

"Evelyn is very skilled, thorough with the massage, respectful, and on time. I always feel rejuvenated when I leave and look forward to my next visit. If you are looking for a great massage, I highly recommend her."

Bev - Pittsford

"Evelyn’s sessions are very professional and therapeutic in nature. Her attention to detail and understanding of trigger points have provided immediate relief. The office and therapy room are very relaxing to the senses, allowing for a pleasant experience. Evelyn listens to your concerns and manipulates you problem areas with precision. I would highly recommend Evelyn’s services to anyone tired of the spa treatment and price tag associated with it. Her services excel, and the prices she charges are very fair for the experience you will receive."

Pete - Pittsford

"It’s a real treat to have Evelyn giving me and my fiancée a massage once a month. If I have any pains, she takes them away. Relaxing, soothing – Evelyn has always been there when I needed her. She’s worth her weight in gold. Her office/massage room is large and very comfortable and quiet."

Alana - Pittsford

"I have been a customer of Evelyn for many years and enjoy the hour of relaxation every few weeks. The comfortable conversation and atmosphere takes my stress level to a much lower place, and the aches and pains in my arms, legs, and neck disappear. I work next to a massage therapy office where I work, but I wouldn’t change even for the convenience. Evelyn is the best!"

"Clean, comfortable environment. Warm blanket, great relaxing music. Evelyn asked prior to the massage what specific places on my body were hurting and she addressed the pain. Afterward, I felt so relaxed. I made a follow-up appointment. I called my wife as soon as I got into my car and told her she needs to come see Evelyn."

John - Webster

"I had been experiencing lots of pain in my legs, which I thought was from my sciatic nerve. I decided to look for a massage therapist to see if that would alleviate my pain. With some research I found Evelyn Spruill, LMT, at Nurturing Hands Massage (NHM) in Pittsford, NY. I saw that Evelyn was interested in whole-body healing and uses doTerra essential oils to help that process.

I called for an appointment, left a message, and received a call-back in a reasonable amount of time. Evelyn was able to schedule me for an appointment within a couple of days.

I arrived at the office on time and was greeted by Evelyn who directed me to the massage room. I felt entirely comfortable throughout my treatment. Because of her interest in whole-body healing, Evelyn massaged me from head to foot, paying particular attention to the problem areas I had noted earlier.

At the end of my session, my legs did not hurt as much and overall I felt completely relaxed and stress free.

If you are looking for pain relief and/or pure relaxation, I highly recommend Evelyn at NHM. I know I am looking forward to my next appointment."

Carol Ann - Fairport

"The only feedback I can give after just my first massage is that the combination of the full 15 minutes above what I have ever had before, plus your excellent technique, left me with the incredibly beautiful feeling -- deep relaxation that lasted -- I only had before with my very first full body massage. A little hint of nirvana! I will be calling you again."

Steve - Rochester

"Evelyn is attentive, courteous, and very skilled. I always look forward to my massages with her, as they help with the tension and soreness I so often have. I'd recommend her without hesitation."

"I’m pretty sure we located Evelyn on Craigslist. I had never had a massage before, but I liked the relaxed way I felt, so I came back again and again. Evelyn’s easy style and genuine interest in me as a person make me feel valued. Any aches or pains are worked on with the style of massage needed. I like discussing things with Evelyn. I like her honesty and values. I trust her in every way. I have recommended her and given some of my family gift certificates. I look forward to many more good times and good massages."

carole - macedon