Evelyn Spruill  Founder of Nurturing Hands Massage & Wellness Center

Evelyn Spruill
Founder of Nurturing Hands Massage & Wellness Center

Evelyn K. Spruill, LMT

Evelyn Spruill embraces her identity as a healer today, but her earliest calling was a very different kind of therapy. In 1991, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Therapy from Nazareth College. With a minor in Voice, she hoped to sing professionally. Her first therapeutic role was at a nursing home where she administered music therapies for residents experiencing dementia.

When Evelyn was 25, skin cancer changed everything.


Her 24-year-old brother Mark, for whom she cared during his last year of life, died of Melanoma. After his passing, she felt called to play a role helping others recognize the early signs of skin cancers — most of which are highly treatable when caught early. Evelyn attended The New York Institute of Massage, graduating in 1999. She developed a uniquely personal approach to massage therapy which blends popular and specialized treatment techniques with the added benefit of a consistent awareness of each client’s skin.

Today Evelyn specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Pregnancy, Infant & Newborn, and Hot Stone Massage at her Pittsford location.

She extends the benefits of music therapy to her massage clients by incorporating carefully selected ambient music for each session. She takes great pleasure in the very gratifying role of a massage therapist. "It gives me great pleasure knowing that what I do is really making a difference in many peoples' lives.” She is married and a mother of 3 beautiful children whom she adores and loves spending quality time with. Evelyn also enjoys volunteering in the community, singing, crafting and being outdoors.